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Vivacious Vixen KATHERINE RANDOLPH is headlining two of the most original and mind-blowing thrillers i’ve been waiting for. Both flicks will put her in the limelight as this fast rising starlet set her sights on some juicy roles. First off is ‘PENANCE’ the brutal slasher in which Katherine affirms her sexpot status as she gets into character as a stripper who i believe will end up as a victim of one sadistic killer (don’t miss the adults only trailer above). I have to say she’s endowed with a stunning body that will turn the heat right up. The numerous wicked POV scenes in ‘Penance’ is set to tittilate and mortify in equal measures!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Her second upcoming role sees her as a doctor (love her accent) who places insomniacs under a clinical trial with tragic consequences in the gory “PLACEBO” (don’t miss the bloody trailer above). From the dramatic to the risqué, Katherine deftly channels her innate talent in the characters she embodies so convincingly on film. I have faith she will amass a group of diehard fans.

Visit the KATHERINE RANDOLPH OFFICIAL SITE for the latest updates on this bodacious babe….:) Why are women with green eyes so attractive?? Well i reckon it’s because the eyes are the first point of contact and seemingly draw attention to the other features in a lady….and Katherine has that enchanting vibe! By the way, she’s a hot model and singer too! Some have said the era of sex bombs is waning……i say it’s just getting started and Katherine’s kickstarting our obsession with sexy actresses in a big way.

Hot hot Katherine can be found at IMDB: More Info on KATHERINE RANDOLPH.

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