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There can be no denying MEGHAN FLATHER deserves her stature on the pedestal of beauty. She’s somebody I admire immensely not just because she’s a natural hottie but she complements her gorgeousness with so much endearing characteristics. I’m always grateful towards her for sending me 2 glossy photos (including an autographed pic) that accentuate her photogenic self. I also adored the photos because they have a distinctive aromatic fragrance! I’m paying homage to MEGHAN FLATHER in the best possible way by featuring her right here on my blog because it’s her birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGHAN!

Her face is so sweet, it’s unforgettable and this Canadian model and actress will continue impressing us memorably. With those exquisite lips and smile, it’s would take only mere seconds for anybody to get enraptured. Sometimes an actress comes along and in a blink of an eye she takes your breath away and MEGHAN has instantly done that and more…:) Look out for her in the action-packed sci-fi flick ‘ALIEN AGENT’ (above). Evidently, people will remember her sexy scene opposite martial arts star JET LI in ‘WAR’ where i have only two words to describe her curvy bod and that is “LUSCIOUSLY STUNNING”!

Hot ladies are proving time and time again that they can be the most pleasant people in the world so we can never judge a book by its cover and dangerously sultry MEGHAN is no exception. I’m just beaming from ear to ear that i’m a fan of hers…:) I can’t wait for MEGHAN to take Hollywood by storm whether as a model or an actress as i dare say she’s going places. Come on now, give the sizzling newcomer your enduring support and a word to filmmakers out there cast her in a leading role now! (I most definitely would)

3 thoughts on “Hot Actress # 107 – MEGHAN FLATHER: CANADIAN VIXEN

  1. Thank you for posting a website featuring Meghan Flather… Seems that there isnt much info on her bio on the internet.. Where can I find out all the statistics on her? where can I get a autographed picture of her? What modeling agency can I write to? Thanks for your assistance in this matter. A huge fan of Meghan , Albert

  2. What’s the easiest way to get in contact with Ms Flather? I’m part of the planning committee for a Relay for Life fundraiser next month and we are looking for a VIP guest of honor. Do you think she would do it?

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