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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

She’s been dubbed as edgy and classy but i like to remember MARY KATE WILES as a brilliant character actress with a heart of gold. I’ve been touched by her kindness when she sent me her stunning personally signed autographed pic. Oh by the way she’s a MODEL too and gauging from her photos, she’s wickedly photogenic. The thing that gets me is she’s also super nice to her fans; someone so young yet single-handedly dazzling us without fail….WOW, this can only mean that blondes are all the rage!

In the upcoming psychological thriller ‘DARK WOODS’ (catch the trailer above), I caught a riveting glimpse of MARY KATE WILES, one of the brightest sparks in the film industry today. MARY KATE plays a twisted damsel in distress role as a supposedly innocent teenager who becomes the catalyst in the breakdown of a couple’s relationship (eagerly waiting for its release). I also managed to find a short film ‘THE HEART IS KILLER: FALL OF A COLUMBINE KID’ dramatizing the final moments between the COLUMBINE SCHOOL shooter and a distressed student (none other than yours truly MARY KATE WILES). There were so many intense scenes coupled with solid impactful acting from MARY KATE…..her flourishing talents clear for all to see…:) I have a feeling her passion for emo rock probably provided some impetus in fleshing our her dramatic principal characters so convincingly.

You can view a most entertaining montage of her work at the MARY KATE WILES MYSPACE SITE. With such an excellent reputation for storytelling, her future looks more than bright and i’m driven to follow her movies every step of the way.

The very promising starlet is at IMDB: More Info on MARY KATE WILES.

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