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Adorable blondes are aplenty in Tinseltown and if they happen to be actresses it would so easy to admire them. I came across actress ASHLEY BUCKELEW in this hilarious short film as she plays off funnyman extraordinaire ROB SCHNEIDER. Not only is ASHLEY the cutest, this girl has great comic timing. The most hysterical part was when ROB (Army boy) asks ASHLEY (the girlfriend) if he could be in her ass and video taped the act to help him with the horrors he may face during his Iraqi attachment. That to me takes the cake for its uncut vulgarity and priceless amusement! (couldn’t stop laughing when i got to the end…even the Guinness World Records Host does a cameo) Come on now after watching this clip, you have to say ASHLEY would make anyone swoon over her (the chemistry between Rob and her says it all).

You can also catch her in the comedy ‘TRANSYLMANIA’ starring fellow hottie JENNIFER LYONS but what i can’t wait is the thriller ‘NEW HOPE MANOR’ where ASHLEY should have a bigger role. Details are pretty sketchy at the moment as the flick is still in post, but i’m sure she would shine in it. I saw on her myspace site, she loves singer COLBIE CAILLAT…..well i’ve met COLBIE but will i be able to meet ASHLEY too…..hope so…:) Whether she stays as a comedic talent remains to be seen nevertheless ASHLEY BUCKELEW is surely a sizzling newcomer.

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