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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of the fastest rising starlets in Canada, BRITT MCKILLIP is best known for being on the wickedly dark comedy ‘DEAD LIKE ME’ on TV. Having been exposed to the entertainment industry from a young age, BRITT has grown from strength to strength not only as an actress but as a musician too. I especially loved her performance in the horror anthology ‘TRICK R’ TREAT’ (don’t miss the awesome trailer above) where she appears as mean girl Marcy who plays a nasty trick on her nerdy classmate. Suffice to say, the trick backfires and before the night is over, literally ends up biting back at Marcy! Touted as an innovative spin on horror, ‘TRICK R’ TREAT’ uses 4 interwoven storylines to terrorize viewers and BRITT MCKILLIP delivered such a solid performance. Even at such a tender age, BRITT was so excellent at bringing out various facades of her evil girl persona.

Together with her sister Carly, she has also formed the hot country duo ONE MORE GIRL and 2009 became their breakthrough year; releasing an album and going on a sold-out Canadian tour. Check out all the awesome music and videos at the ONE MORE GIRL OFFICIAL SITE. This sister act is top-notch; their melodious vocals seamlessly blend with the delightfully catchy country rhythms.

The fresh face to watch in the coming months, BRITT MCKILLIP is seriously cute and likeable…she reminds me of former child star turned media darling EMMA ROBERTS. One can sense she’s on a similar trajectory to fame…:)

Check out those films at IMDB: More Info on BRITT MCKILLIP.

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