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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I really adore the cute ones and FIONA GUBELMANN fits the bill entirely. Exceptionally photogenic both onscreen and on print media, FIONA is stunningly eye-catching. When you watch her, there’s a certain magnetism that leaves you transfixed on her and that’s a good thing! She could be the breakout star in 2010 with her role in the indie actioner ‘DOWNSTREAM’, a very interesting take on an apocalyptic nightmare where oil supplies worldwide have dwindled and chaos reign supreme. With the extremely attractive smile, i don’t blame anyone who falls head over heels for her…:) Fiona actually guest-starred as a seductress on TV’s ‘KNIGHT RIDER’ in an episode which has stirred quite a lot of attention online ( You could watch it on if you were in the US or catch the sexy teaser below! ).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Visit the comprehensive FIONA GUBELMANN OFFICIAL SITE and be awed by this gorgeous lady. She looks so good in color but i love the black and white shots, it brings out her beauty reminiscent of a film noir belle…:) FIONA GUBELMANN’s BABE FACTOR is undeniable, the perfect mix of allure and charm wrapped in a sizzling body much too hot for words. And her performances have been engrossing (she has bundles of dramatic talent)…could we please have more of this sensational sweetie MR DIRECTOR?? Well she obviously has become the TV darling of the moment thanks to “Wilfred” and even Craig Ferguson seems to have the hots for her on her recent interview with the self-proclaimed “creepy” host….:)

See the cutie at IMDB: More Info on FIONA GUBELMANN

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