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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Texas Cutie ERYN BROOKE is a standout talent despite cutting her teeth in lower budget films. One can see she puts her heart and soul into her roles and that’s why i ardently support all the indie actresses. Headlining the stoner comedy ‘GRAVESTONED’, ERYN’s passion for her craft is clearly evident in the clip where she talks about her experiences on set (watch it above). What i want to see is indie films getting a bigger following in Asia as well because there’s plenty of indie gems just waiting to be discovered! It goes without saying that ERYN is super sexy but she doesn’t need to exhibit them all of the time (although we love her too..hehe). Her voluptuous bod is irresistible yet at the same time we want so much to mollycuddle her (she has a high adorability factor).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The vampire phenomenon continues unabated and i’m happy to announce that ERYN is set to appear in ‘NIGHTCRAWLERS’, a horror comedy of vampiric proportions (don’t miss the teaser above). ERYN grew up as a tomboy but aren’t we all glad she’s turned sexy, funny and a slice of cinematic heaven.

ERYN has dealt with the loss of her brother to a car wreck and emerged stronger than ever to become a captivating actress. So let’s show our deepest support for her….:) She’s been through a lot of pain (i’m sure most people will relate to) but her grit and determination have made her a bright prospect in the arena of film…..kudos!

Have a peek at the starlet at IMDB: More Info on ERYN BROOKE

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