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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

With ‘KILL THEORY’ finalized as the last film in the AFTERDARK Horrorfest 2010 lineup, I pay homage to the Scream Queens who are literally serial thrilling their way into our hearts! First off is Texas Hottie RYANNE DUZICH and she’s a sensation alright. As one of the leads called Amber in this slasher, her fun-filled vacation turns upside down, gets dragged into mind games with an unknown assailant and finally degenerates into hysterical victim who has to kill or be killed! I was rooting for her to make it out alive….that’s how much impact she had on me..:) RYANNE will surely catch our eyes as she does spend part of the movie teasing us in a bikini (she has a sweet voluptuous body) but what i’m besotted with is her uniquely angelic face that’s both sexy and adorable. Definitely one of the most memorable newcomers this year!

As you can see from the clip of ‘KILL THEORY’ (above), RYANNE is one of four attractive leading ladies in the film that includes pop star/actress TARYN MANNING, cutie AGNES BRUCKNER and STEFFI WICKENS (appears briefly in the HORRORFEST 2010 trailer above). She doesn’t seem to have any new movies in the pipeline but i reckon after HORRORFEST, the name RYANNE will be on everybody’s lips…:) I love spotlighting the best new talents and if they come in the visually stunning form of MISS RYANNE DUZICH then that’s something to savor!

I hope she continues in the acting biz as RYANNE is an actress i can see myself getting hooked on!

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