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Vodpod videos no longer available.

She is the face of the controversial and shocking thriller ‘RUN! BITCH RUN!’ and she’s ensured a huge cult following. CHERYL LYONE has taken on the mantle of one of the most disturbing roles in film history with a high degree of believability and fortitude that we are left in awe and amazement. The superbly talented actress plays innocent Catholic schoolgirl Catherine who’s left brutally abused but eventually turns the tables on her sadistic attackers. Gorier than ‘HOSTEL’ and more wicked than ‘THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT’, CHERYL’s gripping performance has got every horror fan talking! Visit the CHERYL LYONE OFFICIAL SITE and learn more about this fast rising theatrical talent. There’s loads of positive reviews which can only mean one thing….CHERYL LYONE is TRULY BUZZWORTHY!

CHERYL has been called insanely good onscreen and i’m of the opinion that she’s also INSANELY GORGEOUS..:) Her soulful grey eyes and milky white skin being standouts! It’s never easy to put oneself in highly unsettling roles but i have to sing her praises as CHERYL has delivered on all counts as the leading lady of ‘RUN! BITCH RUN!’ CHERYL’s acting range is phenemonal and she’s someone who likes to keep it real even during scenes….you can almost feel her pain when she’s attacked by the group of men. Is that a measure of a great actress……i think CHERYL easily meets all the requirements…:) I know everyone can’t wait to see what she has in store of us in the very near future.

The blonde hottie can be found at IMDB: More Info on CHERYL LYONE.

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