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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Her WOW factor makes her an instant STANDOUT and she’s on a fast track to be a SEX SYMBOL. Impressing upon us as a SCI-FI VIXEN in the steamy series ‘FORBIDDEN SCIENCE’, MARY LeGAULT has everybody talking about her role as assistant scientist LAURA LUCAS. In the show, she’s also the lover of the corporate head honcho that creates clones to fulfil your most erotic fantasies, although she gets into more trouble than she bargained for. Cue numerous human-human/human-androids sex scenes replete with thought-provoking plots and great acting making ‘FORBIDDEN SCIENCE’ a must-see (actually fans were wanting more of MARY LeGAULT and i do too). Check out the comprehensive MARY LeGAULT OFFICIAL SITE to learn more about this actress/model. Go and watch her interview about ‘FORBIDDEN SCIENCE’ (above) and you will see why she’s so stunning in person too….got to love her sexy, sweetly husky voice…:)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

She’s been quoted as saying she wants to bring positivity to the world and she’s achieved that excellently. Besides sizzling the televison and modelling world, MARY also made an indie horror flick called ‘MURDERS LOVE KILLERS TOO’ (don’t miss the trailer above). Many will remember her sickening death scene (a huge knife plunged through her mouth) in that movie but by going topless she’s sealed her status as a SEX KITTEN! Having been the object of lust in late night SkineMax ‘LIFE ON TOP’ and ‘FORBIDDEN SCIENCE’, she’s scored yet another saucy role in a series of erotic short films aptly named ‘IN LUST WE TRUST’. Think of her more as a thinking man’s SEX SYMBOL, empowering women and leaving us bewildered by their god-given assets, physically and emotionally. And more so if like MARY, one has the acting finesse to back it up..:)

MARY is adamant she’s not just your average blonde. Glamorous as a model, artistically talented as an actress and adding more than just the requisite sex quotient in her craft, she will always be in HIGH DEMAND.

Learn more about the hottie at IMDB: More Info on MARY LeGAULT.

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