Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even though her moment in the slasher ‘SORORITY ROW’ was a tad too short, NICOLE MOORE still manage to garner attention with a very sexy shower scene! A brief but tempting introduction for this luscious brunette which will no doubt accelerate her rapid rise in the acting stakes…:) With an incredible 5 movies in the pipeline including the riveting thriller ‘MANEATER’ (trailer above), be on the lookout for the bewitching NICOLE MOORE here, there and everywhere. Starring alongside “TV’s SUPERMAN” DEAN CAIN, we would likely get to see more of NICOLE in ‘MANEATER’, a creepy tale steeped in Native American mythology with the creature called the WENDIGO its protaganist which may or may not be half-human!

‘SORORITY ROW’ was obviously BOOBTASTIC horror fare for most people but it managed to unearth rather attractive talents in the form of NICOLE MOORE and DEJA KREUTZBERG. Look at how far both have come with them being talked up as the next big things on film! If you’ve seen NICOLE MOORE on the red carpet, you might have mistaken her for a supermodel. Tall and elegantly sexy, she’s another lady with that flawless, milky skin that’s so entrancing! Mr Director, i demand you give NICOLE heaps of screen time and ensure she doesn’t die in the first few minutes of any movie…..hehehe. It’s still only January in 2010 and if i am to be believed that’s an assortment of new beauties to blog about in the coming days.

Learn more about this Texas cutie at IMDB: More Info on NICOLE MOORE.

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