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With Afterdark Horrorfest 2010 in full swing, I’m featuring even more of the sexy scene-stealers that will leave you begging for more! Although ELISSA DOWLING has a small role in the CLIVE BARKER adaptation ‘DREAD’, she’s pride herself on being a magnificently versatile terror hottie. The jet-black hair and hypnotic blue eyes makes her one of the most attractive ICONS OF FRIGHT…:) This girl doesn’t shy away from immensely controversial films either with the impending release of exploitation throwbacks ‘VAGINAL HOLOCAUST’ and ‘CAGED LESBOS A-GO-GO’ (Be awed by the Adults-Only Double Feature Trailer above). The titles itself would ensure fans sneak more than just a peek. Find out more about this darling of horror at the ELISSA DOWLING OFFICIAL SITE.

With her expansive range, you never quite know what you’re gonna get out of ELISSA DOWLING but rest assured she’ll take you on one hell of a ride! The torture-porn ‘BORDERLINE CULT’ has ELISSA delivering one of her best performances as a brutal cult member who lures beautiful innocent women to their death… that’s what i call culling ‘FRESH MEAT’. Having starred in over 50 movies, ELISSA’s horror born and bred…..she even did a continuous streatch of 20 movies in 2 years….an astounding accomplishment by any standard! ELISSA also got to worked with the late legend DAVID CARRADINE. I love that she’s into ‘A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET’, probably one of my all-time favorites too!

Raised on a healthy dose of horror at a young age, it was a natural progression for her to mould herself as a mistress of darkness. Did i mention she has a smokin’ body too! Will the ELISSA DOWLING devotees bleed for her….i’m betting in a mere heartbeat.

The dazzling brunette is at IMDB: More Info on ELISSA DOWLING.


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One cannot help but gawk at the beautie that is actress JESSICA LANDON. Following the footsteps of illustrious ladies with the first name Jessica, she’s super gorgeous with ample amounts of sauciness. I first caught glimpse of her in little-known slasher ‘DRIVE THRU’ alongside pre-Gossip Girl LEIGHTON MEESTER and was taken in. And if you viewed her reel (above), this girl can inject a great deal of humour as she did in an episode of hit comedy ‘DRAKE AND JOSH’. It’s pretty obvious she has the best of both worlds; the photogenic presence of a model (she is one by the way) and the traits of a very appealing starlet.

I haven’t seen JESSICA’s role in the suspenseful ‘A SECRET HANDSHAKE’ but the trailer (above) looks mighty interesting. I adore this genre of atmospheric thrillers; there’s eerieness and a sense of foreboding that sucks me right in. Although this trailer doesn’t do justice to JESSICA LANDON….why not show more of her since she’s the lead???? Reviews have put her in a favourable light and not only because she’s smokin’ hot! Actually come to think of it JESSICA is equally attractive as a blonde or brunette although everyone knows by now which side of the fence i’m sitting on….hehe. Although she hasn’t updated her blog since 2006, you can still view her kooky and sometimes raunchy compilation of sketch comedy clips at the JESSICA LANDON BLOG SITE.

Check her out at IMDB: More Info on JESSICA LANDON.