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Vodpod videos no longer available.

When beauty has been a large part of one’s life, it is easy to see why glamour constitutes so much of what SALLIE GLANER has achieved. This former Miss Cape Cod and Miss Massachusetts oozes class and is one of the prettiest and kindest people i know. She’s still a knockout now as when she was competing in pageants. I must admit older women are sexy; there’s so many things that are fascinatingly intriguing about them. All that means i can’t wait to see SALLIE topline her latest thriller ‘BLOOD GUARDIAN’ as a policewoman investigating a string of gruesome murders (catch the trailer above). Don’t forget to take a look at her reel too (above), confirming that blondes are eternal beauties.

Her crossover from pagaeantry to acting has been phenemonal with a career spanning over 20 years, a true-blue entertainer! On top of her accomplishments, SALLIE mentors and coaches upcoming beauty queens via the MRS. HANCOCK’S PAGEANT COACHING website. Herself a winner of several photogenic awards, she continued that success with a PAGEANTRY SPIRIT AWARD at the MRS AMERICA PAGEANT, an award that acknowledges outstanding qualities such as character, achievement, personal growth, and a willingness to promote the positive aspects of competition. Now how can you not love Sallie after that! Her geniality is pronounced, her exquisiteness remarkable; she’s every bit a lady full of grace…:) I’m so happy to be featuring SALLIE on my blog and look out for more hot older woman coming your way soon…:)

This blonde that I adore is at IMDB: SALLIE GLANER.

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2 thoughts on “Hot Actress # 168 – SALLIE GLANER: BLONDE BOMBSHELL

  1. Haren!

    I am humbled and honored by your kind acknowledgment of my career and passions. You are my new hero! Thank you for such a great review! My latest film CLOSETS is still in post production but I’ll be sure to let you know when its out.

    Be well and God Bless!

    Your Fan,

    ~ Sallie

  2. I agree, Sallie is one of my all time favorite movie stars! If you ever have an opportunity to see one of her films, go!

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