Hot Actress # 177 – DARCY FOWERS: SEX BOMB

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DARCY FOWERS stole the show in ‘THE MESSENGERS 2: THE SCARECROW’ with two breathtaking scenes that’s will arouse your senses! Sealing her place as a film goddess, the flawless belle has also gone on to star in ‘ENTOURAGE’ alongside ZAC EFRON no less…making her the envy of countless teens. Extremely gorgeous, it would be pretty hard not to be tempted to follow her films passionately. Actually i was tempted to label her as a scream queen (she’s acted in several horror flicks) but i think her sensuality outweighs probably everything else…hehe. Blondes are so sexy and that’s a well-known fact!

When you’re hot, you’re hot and DARCY FOWERS is a striking picture of beauty. Having enticed the protaganist in ‘THE MESSENGERS 2’ as the young, slutty wife of an old coot, DARCY surely seduced a new generation of moviegoers with her steamy topless scenes. Although i find it funny that an online reviewer tag her as B-Movie queen which i beg to differ. I would rather describe her as an upcoming character actress who’s in it for the long haul and just so happens to be a delicious vixen…is that so bad??

Look her up at IMDB: More info on DARCY FOWERS

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