10 Things I Love About actress ERICA RHODES


Thanks to the unbelievably cute and awesome actress ERICA RHODES, I’m being mentioned on Youtube….first time that has ever happen and it’s one of the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me! Check out the first minutes of the video (above) as the delicious SANDY (ERICA’s alter-ego) mentions my name (SUPER YAY!)

Let’s count the 10 Things I Love About ERICA RHODES:

1. To give a shout out to a fan like me who lives miles away in ASIA shows how much she treasures all her supporters…i’m still blown away!
2. Mega adorable, mysterious and sexy…even she doesn’t know how sexy she really is…i’m stating the fact right here..:)
3. She does things to orange popsicle that’s dirty but at the same time all too innocent…talking about making you melt…hehe (do not miss the clip below)
4. My Colleagues and Friends have commented on her exquisite features and always at first glance…wow!
5. Her voice is immensely endearing especially when she starts off her YOUTUBE videos with “Hey Guys, Welcome To Sandy’s Channel”…Priceless!
6. She pronounced my name HAREN perfectly and impeccably…..Woohoo!
7. Her birthday falls in the same month as me…….double celebration and merriment.
8. That’s an attractive glow about her that you can’t quite put your finger on but you keep coming back to watch again and again.
9. She’s blonde and she’s busty (ok she grew almost overnight…hehe)….Definitely my type of gal.
10. Starred in definitely one of my most favorite horror piece ‘PLAGUE TOWN’ and boy was she a Headliner

If you want to admire ERICA, head on over to the FEATURED ARTICLE ON ERICA RHODES which i wrote about her and realise how special a person she is and will always be…:)


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SHIRLY BRENER is a true-blue versatile actress having starred in over 40+ features running the gamut of genres from horror to comedy. Browse the SHIRLY BRENER OFFICIAL SITE for her collection of reels; I especially loved watching her play a Russian hussy (her faux accent is super sexy) opposite Hollywood Heavyweights ROBERT DE NIRO and AL PACINO in ‘RIGHTEOUS KILL’. SHIRLY’s an actress with a BIG HEART having send me a specially noted autographed pic wishing me LOVE, LUCK, SUCCESS, HEALTH, KARMA…she’s simply the best! I’ve even saved the package which had a huge surprise for me….THE SIMPSONS STAMP ALL THE WAY FROM THE US (Bart’s even grinning…hehe)….SO COOL OF SHIRLY TO DO THAT….:)


From 2009 right through 2011, SHIRLEY’S gonna dazzle not only our eyes but our minds as well! Having treaded the SCREAM QUEEN territory in ’30 DAYS TO DIE’ (watch the trailer above), she’s also rumored to be in ‘CHEERLEADERS MUST DIE!’. In the romantic comedy ‘HIT LIST’, she potrays a neurotic woman who writes about people she wants dead in her diary to keep in check her anger management issues. Looking for love online, she meets a hit man who proceeds to off everybody she’s targeted for death. A darkly funny, refreshing concept and SHIRLY at her best in a most challenging role. A cutie for life, a talent to behold and a beauty to remember.

SHIRLY BRENER is as precious as they come, dare i say a modern day fairy bestowing us with her gifts not just as an actress but as a person i hold in high regard.

Learn more about The Sexy Siren at IMDB: More info on SHIRLY BRENER

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