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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hollywood is the place to be and often people say it can be harsh but when there’s a pleasant breed of woman, i.e. the gorgeous JENNIFER KINCER, it just makes it so much better! Singer, Dancer, Model and Actress, JENNIFER constantly reinvents herself for whichever platform she performs on. The kindness she has shown to me it’s plain to see; having sent me 2 specially autographed pics, i also have to admit that she’s one photogenic lady. Don’t get me wrong, i adore blondes with a passion…hehe…and JENNIFER has the magnetism that i’m sure many of her fans (i’m expecting a male majority here) are majorly excited about.

You cannot help but head over to the impressive JENNIFER KINCER OFFICIAL SITE where she shares her filmography, photos and videos. I’m in awe of her powerful voice (make sure you don’t miss the music section on her site) and the way she handles different genres of music is astounding. Her version of Oleta Adam’s ‘GET HERE’ is euphonious and I definitely hope to see JENNIFER singing live someday….ahh….wishing US was very much nearer! I’m in awe of how smoothly she juggles her professional career and family life…..doing so with an ardor that is to be admired..:) Actresses do put in the hard work day in and day out and it’s through them that we vicariously derive so much joy from their films.

Last but certainly not least, JENNIFER’s smile is sumptuously sweet ensuring her status as of the most charming actresses on Tinseltown.

The hottie is at IMDB: More info on JENNIFER KINCER

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