Hot Actress # 197 – MONICA FORD: SEX BOMB

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MONICA FORD is an actress with one of the most delicious butts in entertainment today. The heady mix of old-school gorgeousness and modern sensuality makes MONICA a hottie for the ages! Let me tell you right now that she ever so kindly sent me an incredible package of sexy photos that have made me admire her even more. Hence i’ve dedicated a special page called SENSUAL MONICA FORD so that fans old and new can recognize how beautiful she is on the outside as well as inside.

As can be seen from the MONICA FORD OFFICIAL SITE, she’s a lady ultra-comfortable with her body posing in risque photoshoots highlighting the seductively luscious figure she’s blessed with. I’m intrigued by her Cleopatra-like features and everybody knows she was a babe in her time just like MONICA FORD is today…:) Having all the facets of starlets from yesteryear, MONICA FORD has somehow meld those qualities into the stunning identity she currently embodies. Come to think of it, she fits in easily as one of the women of the 1960s era ala the female protaganists in the show ‘MAD MEN’. A beauty cutting across generations is what she is and i love that MONICA continuously showcases her foxiness (don’t miss her in the sizzling clips above), even appearing in magazines as diverse as Nude Magazine, Curve Magazine, She Magazine and sealing her place as a Sex Symbol with a shoutout at!

She’a also headlines the indie thriller ‘THE STRAY’ where she ups her sex quotient by cosying up to and lip-locking another gorgeous gal. There’s never been a barrier to sexiness for the always tempting MONICA FORD.

Find The Sexy Siren at IMDB: More info on MONICA FORD

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