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She caught my attention in LAKE PLACID 2, a best selling straight to DVD killer crocodile tale and i’ve been an ALICIA ZIEGLER fan ever since. About to star in an indie thriller called “WOLF TOWN’ where she faces some fierce adversaries with sharp-pointy teeth. If you think she’s always in woman vs nature gone rogue flicks, think again because she’s been burning up the small screen in shows such as ‘CRIMINAL MINDS’, ‘BONES’ and ‘CASTLE’ (watch her in the sexy red dress in the clip above). Ain’t she a scene stealer and what a joy to have ALICIA ZIEGLER as the 200th featured actress on my blog! She has massive appeal that makes her a magnet for undying infatuation.

ALICIA’s big-heartedness must be commended as she made a special effort to sent me her autographed pic from glitzy LA. Besides being a sweet blonde (i’m captivated always), ALICIA has an athletic toned figure to die for. She’s gonna show it off (wearing a bikini no less) in her upcoming movie ‘BEAUTIFUL WAVE’ and after viewing the on-set photos, you have to say that ALICIA is too luscious to miss….:) With her being referred to as a hottie on the web postings, she can do no wrong. It’s amazing that 10 years ago she aspired to be a model….all i can say it’s a boon for us fans to have her on the big and small screen.

Find out more about Adorable Alicia at IMDB: More info on ALICIA ZIEGLER

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