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I caught sight of MYIA ELLIOTT in the historical drama ‘THE TUDORS’ as LADY ANNE CLIFFORD and the only bad thing was that she was in it for 11 episodes…..i want more! Seeing MYIA in the period garb on film is just so fascinating and i would have loved to live in that era. The highly attractive actress is so photogenic everything comes out good whether she’s on camera modelling or getting into character for a TV Series. And don’t you get me started on her accent…..i can vouch that i’m addicted to the pretty Irish accent of hers…:)

Everybody knows Hollywood is a tough industry to be in and it’s fantastic to see young actresses working hard and finding their own way to stardom. Although i couldn’t find her videos or reels online, make sure you go out and buy or rent all the seasons of ‘THE TUDORS’ to get your fix of blue-eyed cutie MYIA. Head on over to the MYIA ELLIOTT MYSPACE SITE to see her sensual Mermaid photoshoot and get the lowdown of her life as an actress. She’s living her dream as we all should and look how much she has achieved! Oh yeah and MYIA’s is such a pleasant engaging lady so it’s easy to follow her work and be her fan….:)

Check out this Irish Rose at IMDB: More info on MYIA ELLIOTT

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