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LoriDawn Messuri is the curvaceous actress with those enigmatic come-hither eyes. I love that she continually gravitates towards starring in indie films cause there are some brilliant stories to be told in the INDIE world; what better than have LoriDawn be its centerpiece. I can tell you right now that LoriDawn is more than hospitable to her fans and her precious autographed photo she so kindly sent to me is so groovy! She’s also one of the most genuine persons in the industry as she has battled with bulimia and has endured the trial and tribulations of Hollywood. As one can see, she oozes sex appeal so don’t miss the ‘CRUISING PURGATORY/THIS WAY OUT OF BROOKLYN’ trailers (above) showcasing how astute an actress she really is. Just a word of caution….some scenes may not be safe for work…hehe. LoriDawn has always preached about being a work in progress, well i think she’s the complete article but yet always strives to challenge herself be it in movies or her artistic endeavors.

These are the must-visit LoriDawn Messuri Sites:

1. Check out her new book: Wasted, From The Inside, Not Just Another Wactress With Bulimia! at the colorful LoriDawn DESIGNS.

2. And if you’re already smitten with her, watch her reel at LoriDawn Messuri MYSPACE SITE.

Cute and sexy has always been like a Holy Grail for me and rest assured LoriDawn has massive amounts of both! Having been in the film industry for more than 14 years, her impressive body of work is all due to her hard work and being true to herself. Let’s hail a creative doyenne whose congenial personality has wowed me into my LoriDawn Messuri adoration frenzy……:)

She’s more than just a sexy siren, she’s at IMDB: More info on LoriDawn Messuri

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress # 215 – LORIDAWN MESSURI: SEX BOMB

  1. Wow! As her director on both CRUISING PURGATORY and THIS WAY OUT OF BROOKLYN, I will second you fine description of this lovely and very underrated actress! Check out the official site for these two “hidden” films at
    And I will emphasize that, though gorgeous, it’s her acting talent that really sets her apart.

    XO to LD!

    Deano (rr rr)
    (formal name – Dean St John)

  2. Keep up the good work Dan….i’m a firm supporter of indie movies and its actresses cause i think they deserve their place in the spotlight. Also i find LoriDawn stupendously pleasant to her fans and what you guys have done and am doing are things we should all learn from.


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