10 Things I Love About Actress Johanna Goldsmith

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you are as lucky as me to be a fan and friend of actress JOHANNA GOLDSMITH then you should know by now how warmhearted and selfless she is. Embodying kindness comes naturally to this blonde hottie who is flawless in every way and everything she does. As this is my birthday, i’ve decided to pay tribute to a very special and vivacious lady, my confidante JOHANNA GOLDSMITH….:)

Let’s count the 10 Things I Love About JOHANNA GOLDSMITH:

1. She’s my TEXAS ‘Sister’ who keeps amazing me with her deeds time and time again!
2. Constantly surprises me with astounding presents consisting of her sizzling photos, birthday card and even a TEXAS LONGHORN cap…WOW!
3. Her voice is beyond cute so it’s a travesty if one doesn’t get infatuated with her….;)
4. Definitely at the top of my buddy list as ‘MOST PRECIOUS LADY I’VE HAD THE PLEASURE TO CALL FRIEND’
5. She’s fluent in Spanish and she does it in her own distinctly sexy way…two words: MUY CALIENTE!
6. Remembered my birthday like weeks before and sent me the coolest card ever (see what she says below)
7. She has a stunning figure with the milkiest soft white skin plus she’s a real cutie (my crush..hehe)
8. Stars in my favorite TV show ‘FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ and she’s appearing in the latest season…WOOHOO!
9. She knows the type of gal i adore; BLONDES IN BIKINIS….well she looks super delicious in one…:)
10. The camera accentuates her already photogenic self and she’s a natural-born performer.


Head on over to the HOTTIE OF THE MONTH: JOHANNA GOLDSMITH to read the article i wrote about my most cherished friend…:) Seeing her in that leopard print bikini counts as one of my most memorable moments!

One thought on “10 Things I Love About Actress Johanna Goldsmith

  1. Hi there, smokin’ pics of Johanna Goldsmith! I’m a Dallas native myself, and I remember when she was a Knockout girl on Pro Champion Wrestling. We love Johanna ’cause she IS a KNOCKOUT!

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