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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Photogenic and über sumptuous, ANGELINA ASSERETO is truly a stunner! Not only is this girl blessed with the best of both worlds (she’s half caucasian/half hispanic), ANGELINA oozes sensuality no matter if she’s in a bikini or just wearing a plunging neckline dress. A fast rising starlet and perfectly exotic, she has all the goods to back up her glamor girl image. Add to that her gracious personality; whereby she sent me not only her gorgeous autographed pic but also effortlessly mailed me the CIGAR SNOB magazine (ANGELINA’s The Oh So Sexy COVER GIRL….WOW!). It was one of the best birthday presents i’ve ever received and to have it come from ANGELINA is something to treasure forever.

She’s so amazing to have sent the magazine on her own accord to a fan like me who lives miles away, highlighting her magnanimity towards me and i’m beyond touched by her generosity. Check out even more of the exceptional beauty here: ANGELINA ASSERETO PICS. Obviously i am captivated by her attractiveness but you can say it’s easy to fall in love with her as she resonates such an appeal onscreen. So it is imperative that i featured ANGELINA ASSERETO today; as she has shown her support for my blog so will i lend my devotion to her and her movies. She’s on a trajectory to stardom and i will be there all the way to see it happen!

Find out more about this brunette Vixen at IMDB: MORE INFO on ANGELINA ASSERETO.

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