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I carry a torch for ROBYN GRIGGS because her self-believe is intense; she has unequivocal faith in herself, her fans and people in the industry. From daily soaps to broadway to indie horror (she’s even done stuff for Nickelodeon), ROBYN polished work onscreen boils down to her passion and positivity! With such a huge following, backers managed to get her directorial debut ‘THE SQUAD’ come to fruition, kick-starting her dream project of this 70’s style teenage slasher. Visit the ROBYN GRIGGS OFFICIAL SITE to gain an insight into her as a person as well as her professional acting career.

ROBYN should be lauded for entertaining us and sometimes scaring us in numerous indie terror tales. The upcoming trailer for the 2-part opus ‘MY SOUL TO TAKE’ will leave you speechless, go and check it out at ROBYN GRIGGS MYSPACE SITE and she’s also headlining the coming-of-age fright flick HELLWEEK. She’s won awards such as outstanding scene stealer, best young actress in a soap drama and Scream Queen Of The Month yet she’s still as grounded as ever, engaging her fans no matter how far they are (me for example who lives on the other side of the world). People may question why ROBYN takes on low-budget roles but if you see the energy she brings to her craft then you would speak highly of this wonderful talent!

The Blonde Blue-eyed Beauty is at IMDB: MORE INFO on ROBYN GRIGGS.

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