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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of the most sweetest actresses of her generation, CATHY BARON is overwhelmingly appealing. Besides being such a cute blonde, CATHY has the irresistible factor that leaves you swooned and fascinated. She has somehow manage to read my mind when she introduced me to her upcoming slasher flick ‘THE EVES’ (watch the trailer above) as i intensely love watching hotties gettting covered in blood….hehe….that has been my inspiration ever since i started this blog; see title of my blog: gorno = unadulterated violence and blonde = sexy ladies. Cathy also has some killer krumping moves as evident from her krumping video (above); I wanna see more Cathy!

Explore the CATHY BARON OFFICIAL SITE. There’s such a cheerful glow about her that’s so infectiously likeable, it almost seems she spreads happiness everywhere she goes even on the red carpet. Don’t forget to sneak a peek at CATHY in the A GOOD KNIGHT’s QUEST, the award-winning web series produced by the unbelievably cute PAULA RHODES which i have also featured previously. The series thrusts us into a world where a gamer’s fantasy come true; cue hilarity and and a bevy of video game vixens in body-hugging costumes. As the She-Villain Raine, CATHY BARON is one truly sexy siren from the digital world (she wears some revealing clothes…hehe) but i think everyone knows she’s also a vamp in real life too…:)

Check out this sassy blonde at IMDB: MORE INFO on CATHY BARON

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