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I am and will always be partial to blondes and so today i present blue-eyed sexpot JESSICA CAMERON. She’s a multiple-genre starlet who has been in some amazing short films namely ‘NINETY DEGREES AND SUNNY’ (don’t miss her moving and emotional performance) and ‘LOVERS’ (what’s looks like the disturbing life of a killer nymphomaniac). Watch both clips (above) and be astounded by the sheer talents of the one and only JESSICA CAMERON. She mixes vulnerability and sensuality in a heady cocktail ! Can’t wait to see her as PRINCESS AREOLA (her character’s name is an instant classic) in the feature ‘POTPOURRI’ and her upcoming release ‘VIRGIN BLOOD’, the latter being a BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER meets Catholic Schoolgirls blood fest. Having seen the on-line pics of JESSICA in the tight school uniform and knee high socks, brandishing a stake, rest assured her popularity is about to soar, especially since she’s always in those tempting lingerie!

Did i already say JESSICA exudes sexiness like in every scene she’s in…..a blonde bombshell who’s gonna leave us moviegoers in a daze…:) In just a matter of 2 years, JESSICA has been heavily involved in films, television and even music videos, a testament to her many gifts. I have such deep affection for her also because she has a passion for everything horror as it’s a genre i’ve had a love affair with since my younger days. JESSICA CAMERON has also been nominated in the category of RISING B MOVIE ACTRESS in the 2010 Golden Cob Awards to be held in September. I would vote for her in a heartbeat and so should you.

Find out more about this sexy siren at IMDB: MORE INFO on JESSICA CAMERON

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