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JENNIFER GIBSON has the most captivating green eyes that’s so beguiling it makes me swoon..;) Let me now proceed to tell you why you should also be captivated:

1. She’s kindhearted to the max sending me 2 specially written autographed photos all the way from Canada.
2. Without a doubt one of the hottest ladies to grace television/film; an absolute stunner all of the time.
3. She cares a great deal for her fans (like me) and she’s thoroughly good-natured.
4. Don’t miss her very sexy scene in ‘COLD SQUAD’ (click her reel above)….i love her line “I remember he told me i was everything a woman should be”, well JENNIFER GIBSON is everything an actress should be; a consummate performer of unmistakably ravishing proportions.

Gawk at her elegant photos at the JENNIFER GIBSON OFFICIAL SITE and find out more about this Canadian Cutie. I’m so blessed to have the friendship of JENNIFER GIBSON and i can say i’m 100% smitten by her sweetness; i see her extending herself more than just an actress, she’s also touched me with her lovable disposition hence sealing my affection for her. I just can’t wait for the day i get to meet JENNIFER in person as she’s not just staggeringly beautiful in the various roles she plays but that she’s also a Siren in real life.

This is how JENNIFER describes herself: “I am a storyteller: an actor, writer, producer, and a student of the world”. It’s amazing to see armed with her impressive body of work, she still endeavors to expand her horizons even further. She’s appeared in the TV series ‘BLOOD TIES’ ( that vampire show) and ‘THE 4400’ and I’m more than glad I get to appreciate her performances even in faraway ASIA!

Check out her filmography at IMDB: MORE INFO on JENNIFER GIBSON

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