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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Make CAROLINA HOYOS your essential cutie! She’s an incredible actress and singer/songwriter who has an on-screen presence that’s so addictive. Her part as a homeless teen musician in ‘BLACK & BLUE’ was one of the most poignant performances in this touching indie drama. I was blown away by the scene where she tries to connect once again with a child she left behind opening some old wounds. CAROLINA definitely excels in this multi-layered characters who are constantly having the short end of the stick; it’s no joke being homeless and constantly trying to survive on the streets and CAROLINA gave a thoroughly believable insight in ‘BLACK & BLUE’. Check out the CAROLINA HOYOS OFFICIAL SITE and get the taste of this exotic, eye-catching beauty.

As can be seen from her reel (above), CAROLINA is comfortable in a wide variety of roles and even accents….Wow! Additionally, she’s also the co-singer for indie-folk twosome ‘TWO BIRDS’ and the video ‘STUCK ON YOU’ showcases her lovely vocals over melancholy guitar-drive melodies….hope i can see her perform live someday! She’s also affectionately accessible which is why I’m enamored of her not just as an actress but as a person too. She’s continually building a solid indie reputation and i’m glad to be following such an appealing talent as CAROLINA HOYOS….:)

Don’t forget to check her out at IMDB: MORE INFO on CAROLINA HOYOS

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