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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

KATHRYN VENTO is an exquisite actress from the state of Minnesota who has been performing since the age of twelve. After extensively working on theater productions, KATHRYN ventured into the world of feature films, scoring a role in in the indie horror ’13 HOURS IN A WAREHOUSE’. Hers was a creepy performance as she was a Ghost stalking a group of criminals in that disturbing movie. Underneath all that make-up lies a petite lady who’s elegant and likable; not forgetting she has that amazingly luscious red hair….:) I can say i’m blessed to be her fan as she send me her awesome autographed pic….yay! She’s returned all the love i have for her.

Don’t forget to check out her stint on the comedy ‘THE SHOW SO GAY’……she has some sexy vibes if you ask me; oh….she likes to call herself a SEXY ELF and i concur! KATHRYN VENTO is one of the most intriguing people i’ve gotten to know and having communicated with her on-line, I find her personable and divine. I’m exhilarated to hear that actresses like her adore what i have achieved with my blog i.e. profiling upcoming actresses and sharing their talents to a worldwide audience. KATHRYN’s kindness to a fan like me has made me come to the realization that Minnesota is a must-visit and there’s plenty of ample room for all forms of actresses. I salute today KATHRYN VENTO, a cultured woman of creativity.

The upcoming starlet can be found at IMDB: More Info on KATHRYN VENTO.

One thought on “Hot Actress # 246 – KATHRYN VENTO: RAVISHING REDHEAD

  1. I’ve met her once and all I can say is WoW. She is gorgeous. She is incredibly hard working, dedicated to her craft, and truly knows what she is doing when it comes to acting on screen. I would love to see her in more films. She is definitely an undiscovered celebrity who I am sure we will see on the big screen very soon. 🙂

    I’d hold onto that autograph if I were you.

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