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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

DENEEN MELODY may be the newest sweetheart in horror but she is already making waves. One of the most voluptuous terror hottie in history, she’s a genuine Sex Bomb in the horror stakes. Her collection of photos as a model and actress are so breathtaking, i had a hard time trying to figure out which stunning DENEEN MELODY pic i wanted to put on my blog; that’s how fabulous she is! …:) Take a long look at her titillating photos on the DENEEN MELODY MODEL MAYHEM SITE, rest assured she’s the embodiment of sexy sweetness. As attractive as DENEEN is, it will be a surprise to many that she actually does her own stunt work and fight choreography…what a brave gal! She’s also recently started a blog so us fans can go behind the scenes of her sensual lingerie photo shoot and much more at the DENEEN MELODY OFFICIAL BLOG.

She’s worked alongside some of the best scream queens in the biz such as DEBBIE ROCHON, DEVANNY PINN and TARA CARDINAL. In just a short period, DENEEN is rapidly making an impact especially when her latest feature ‘AS NIGHT FALLS’ come along. I’ve heard she’s going to brandish a samurai sword in this slasher that will literally turn the meaning of family on its head! One of her wishes is to be a success and be in films from all over the world…now that’s something i hope comes to fruition as the day when she decides to grace my country’s shores is the day I drop everything just to see her perform, hopefully on set. Appreciate DENEEN MELODY; Appreciate one of the brightest prospects this side of horror!

She’s pure hot stuff and she’s at IMDB: More Info on DENEEN MELODY.

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress # 251 – DENEEN MELODY: SCREAM QUEEN

    1. LOL! Deneen is sure a Hot Scream Queen Of Summer….check out her latest feature Slices Of Life as those very “knockers” will be completely covered in blood..:)

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