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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even at the tender age of 18, SHAYNE LEIGHTON has already done writing, acting and directing which to me is a most majestic achievement. Add singing to her credentials and this is why everybody should take note of this Ravishing Redhead! Her various talents have fast-tracked her to an enviable position and i love that she continues to pursue forays into indie horror with a touch of romance…:) Putting her signature on the film she acts illustrates the abundance of creative energy she possesses. She’s brought to life a pet project of hers entitled INCUBUS onto the web in the form of webisodes for our enjoyment. She’s made the spirit called ‘INCUBUS’ gender free and a being that feeds on human emotions, not just the run of the mill vampiric creature. SHAYNE is super cute and how i wish i could interview her! Also check the very cool SHAYNE LEIGHTON MYSPACE SITE.

I definitely derive great pleasure watching and putting my 2 cents worth about rising starlets like SHAYNE LEIGHTON. And can this gal sing or what! With a little Gothic rock here and a little alternative rock there, SHAYNE’s official music video ‘SEND DOWN THE ANGELS’ (above) from the movie ‘INCUBUS’ highlights just how fabulous her singing style is; there’s shades of EVANESCENCE in there although SHAYNE is such a dazzler in her pretty dresses. SHAYNE is growing with every film she’s been part of and it’s a matter of time before she reaches the pinnacle as an all round entertainer…:)

This cutie is also at IMDB: More Info on SHAYNE LEIGHTON.

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