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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now here’s an indie actress i’m an ardent support of! KATHERINE NORLAND is going to thrill moviegoers with 2 terror flicks that will arouse the senses. First off she’s headlining the thriller ‘REALITY FRIGHT NIGHT’ and judging from the trailer (above), the flick has a totally unique concept featuring a reality TV show called ‘BABES and GHOSTS’. Female contestants will vie for a $25,000 prize if any of them makes contact with a ghost. The challenge is staying alive till the end as the hot babes put their lives on the line with KATHERINE as the reality TV producer breathing down their necks! Definitely upping the ante in terms of modern horror and it’s amazing to see KATHERINE play a psychopath! Visit the awesome KATHERINE NORLAND MYSPACE SITE to catch the trailer for the harrowing thriller ‘HOLE’. She’s being heaped with high praises for the intensity and strong performance she brought to this film.

KATHERINE is also one of the most unique beauties in the world as she possesses eye color of different shades, a distinctive trait that adds to her gorgeousness. I’m truly indebted to her for sending her autographed photo making her a blonde goddess in my world….:) You’ll be smitten in no time as i urge you again to drop by the KATHERINE NORLAND OFFICIAL SITE. KATHERINE is someone who has faced criticisms from casting directors about her looks and i find it unbelievable that they choose to ignore that she’s special. She also has a way with words having published poetry books drawn from her life experiences. KATHERINE has truly shown she’s multi-talented, flawlessly magnetic and extremely dazzling!

Find out more about her at IMDB: More Info on KATHERINE NORLAND

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress # 265 – KATHERINE NORLAND:BLONDE BOMBSHELL

  1. Haren,

    that is very sweet of you to blog about me…I’m expecting more fun films down the pipeline this year…I just got cast in another very unique indie psycho-thriller horror film…where I’ll be playing a power hungry cultist.

    PS You have the name of the film wrong that I was in… It’s “Reality Fright Night” (not fest)

    Take Care,

    Katherine Norland

  2. Thanks to the gorgeous Katherine for pointing that out…..even a fan makes mistakes sometime..i’m only human…lol

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