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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I may be a bit late delving into the world of BEN 10: ALIEN SWARM but newcomer GALADRIEL STINEMAN certainly caught my eye. As Gwen, the super-powered cousin of Ben, she’s involved in action set-pieces where her characters throws energy orbs…..that’s so cool! Bring the cartoon character Gwen to life required intensity and imagination which she did admirably. She’s also moving to grittier stuff like being the female lead in the upcoming ‘JUNKYARD DOG’, a tale of kidnapping, cannibalism and the struggle to live in the face of torturous captivity. This horror/thriller will be a must-see and i’m sure GALADRIEL is going to display her vulnerable side as she plays a kidnap victim who is running out of time. Can’t wait for what gorgeous GALADRIEL has in store for 2010 and beyond!

Don’t miss GALADRIEL doing the hula-hoop while reciting the alphabet backwards (see the video at the top). Such a cutie, the redhead will no doubt be a favorite of plenty of fans. I saw her Comic-Con interview on-line and let me tell you she’s 100% enchanting. It’s fantastic to see that despite her tender years, GALADRIEL takes on challenging roles head on. Is Hollywood the epicenter of sweet ingénues or what!

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