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CORIE VICKERS has worked on acclaimed television shows such as ‘HOUSE M.D’, WITHOUT A TRACE and NCIS. She’s also well known in the arena of theatre having impressed on several productions namely ‘THE INTERN’ and ‘BOOK OF DAYS’. I haven’t had the pleasure of watching her on stage but after corresponding with her online, i find her a most pleasant lady and one of the nicest actresses around….;) With her flowing red locks and blue-eyes, CORIE is one of the most attractive performers ever, how captivating is that smile of hers…..i’m sold! She could easily give them models a run for their money i say…..once a hottie, always a hottie! She was after all on the very successful soap ‘THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’…….note the key word “BEAUTIFUL”…….hehe

She’s currently on a low profile as she juggles motherhood and an impending addition to her family….congrats CORIE but i can’t wait to see her raring back to grace the screens. Let’s all keep supporting her in all her future endeavors…..REDHEADS do RULE!!!

Check her out at IMDB: More Info on CORIE VICKERS

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