Hot Actress #302 – Pilar Cazares:Hot Girl Of Summer

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To end my Hot Girls Of Summer Special with the heavenly PILAR CAZARES is most awesome!! Actually once more, I’m super lucky to have her autographed photo (above) from this Mexican-born actress. Oohh…..and i should also call her LATINA HEAT especially since she has that well-endowed figure to sizzle this summer and probably every other day…:) You have to make sure to ogle at her demo reel (above) especially the scene where she dresses in the peek-a-boo apron whilst cooking….she’s effortlessly sexy and cute all at the same time…WOW! For even more stuff about her, just head over to the PILAR CAZARES OFFICIAL SITE.

I first saw her in “AMERICAN PIE: BETA HOUSE” as a character called PEACHES and she was a spicy honey then and still is to this day. Just take a look at the way she gyrates to the Shakira tune in her clip (above), PILAR CAZARES is indeed a hypnotic belle. Besides being a Hispanic Hottie, she’s also a Canadian Vixen having lived in Montreal, now isn’t she the best of two worlds! To summarize, PILAR is a on-screen siren who is an easy attraction for the eyes and who has a demure sensuality that grows on you….:)

Miss Hotness is also at IMDB: More Info on PILAR CAZARES.

4 thoughts on “Hot Actress #302 – Pilar Cazares:Hot Girl Of Summer

  1. Sorry but she has no but NO talent at all. Cooking eggs naked under an apron is not what I called to be an actress lol, and hot is not the word to describe, she looks like an easy girl or a cheap whore…depends how you look at her 😉

  2. I think Georgia Johnes is only being jealous. Why so much hate towards this talented girl??? She’s awesome and pretty talented I should say! I got to see her in who is kK Downey and other films and she was great! I wish i could meet her!

  3. Alright class, as you can see “Georgia Johnes” (aka Forever Alone) is exhibiting the classic ‘jealous bitch’ syndrome, which is typically encountered when a female lacks self-confidence and feels threatened by other, more attractive women, and therefore reacts by attacking the other women and putting them down in order to make herself feel better. In reality she leads a sad lonely and bitter life.

    1. LOL! Yeah we all wish women were supportive of other women. But in reality, that rarely happens!

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