Hot Actress #303 – October Kingsley:Uniquely Sexy

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The signature red streaks of actress OCTOBER KINGSLEY is already a scene-stealer aimed to shock and awe, installing her as one of the most interesting personalities I’ve ever seen. You get a sense that OCTOBER owns this distinctive style painting her as a woman with an interest in morbid curiosity and deviant wiles. With her depraved thriller ‘THE SEDUCTION OF DR. FUGAZZI’ gaining notoriety and great reviews even at CANNES, her opus has reached cult classic status. Her performance has been described as dangerously sexy bordering on a warped characterization of the darkness in a woman’s mind. Look out for OCTOBER going tête-à-tête with the legendary actress FAYE DUNAWAY…..what a rush! After that you cannot help but visit the OCTOBER KINGSLEY MYSPACE SITE to find out more about her!

It’s fantastic for me to feature OCTOBER as the first Siren for this “UNIQUELY SEXY” week as she is rated as one of Hollywood’s Top Ten emerging Independent Producers and Filmmakers. Carrying multiple hats, she also juggled directing and writing duties during the production of ‘DR FUGAZZI’…..what a lady! She clearly deserves all the accolades as she takes something ordinary (a woman’s psyche) and turns it upside down with a most disturbing twist! I can’t wait for OCTOBER to take us on another trippy descent into her bold world of taboos as she has 3 upcoming features in the works.

She’s also listed on IMDB: More Info on OCTOBER KINGSLEY.

3 thoughts on “Hot Actress #303 – October Kingsley:Uniquely Sexy

  1. October is a beautiful girl… and remarkably talented too. I love her eyes and her hair and her skin. Awesome interview and great piece on her.

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