Hot Actress #305 – Megan Duffy: Uniquely Sexy

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As a troubadour in acclaimed series ‘MAD MEN’, MEGAN DUFFY was exquisitely affecting through poetry and recently as a living doll in ‘CRIMINAL MINDS’ she was a victim rendered immobile by a mentally disturbed woman. In her unassuming way MEGAN has captured our hearts with her beauty and knack at portraying some rather unique faces on television. If you like me have a vested interest in this Ravishing Redhead, may i suggest a visit to the MEGAN DUFFY OFFICIAL SITE. Check out her impressive photo gallery….this girl is a chameleon in numerous compelling poses..WOW!

Be sure to watch MEGAN strutting her stuff in several clips at the MEGAN DUFFY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. She has appeared in as well as produced music videos for the SMASHING PUMPKINS as well as actress TARYN MANNING’s band BOOMKAT. Seeing those lovely curls of hair and her all dressed up in Victorian era clothes leads me to think that MEGAN would be stunning no matter the time or place. Plus she clearly has the features of a teen….I’m still figuring how she continues to radiate that youthful energy evoking such swift attention. MEGAN is an absolutely delightful mystery that’s being unwrapped as she goes about entertaining us…:)

Catch her at IMDB: More Info on MEGAN DUFFY.

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