Hot Actress #306 – Deven Green: Uniquely Sexy

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With 7 million views online for her BETTY BOWERS website and thousands upon thousands of subscribers on Youtube, DEVEN GREEN is officially a digital vixen! What sets her apart as a comedienne is how hilariously filthy she can get when delivering her many funny punchlines. The way DEVEN lives and breathes comedy is to be lauded and she has made the art of parodying her own even reaching cult status. If after a tired, long day you need some exceptional humor then a visit to the DEVEN GREEN OFFICIAL SITE will be the boost you need! I must say her parody of LIONEL RICHIE’s HELLO (above) complete with obscenely dirty voice-overs is a hoot!

You can be sure this comic phenom will tickle your funny bone and you only have to watch how DEVEN has created a cultural icon at the MRS BETTY BOWERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. She’s always been surrounded by success; from her triple-gold winning performances as an ice skater in Canada, to her richly lucrative modeling days and now being recognized as a class act on both comedy and web fronts. I can tell you that being funny is never an easy task but DEVEN has excelled brilliantly and has made countless people delirious with laughter.

This Elegant Beauty is also at IMDB: More Info on DEVEN GREEN.

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress #306 – Deven Green: Uniquely Sexy

  1. Yes! I agree! She is not only hilarious, but also super-sexy…and is certainly very unique.
    This profile sums her up in a nutshell PERFECTLY!

    (…how lucky must her husband be….)

    (Yes. Yes I am….)

  2. There is more to Deven Green than meets the eye. A lot of people can be funny but Deven is funny and original – now that’s sexy.

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