Hot Actress # 317 – Farah White: Sexy Siren

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FARAH WHITE is a leading femme fatale of this generation. Be it her saucy photos on magazines, her seductive appeal in ads or her irresistible appearances in independent movies, FARAH is an eye candy with so much elegance! Cast in ‘STRIPPED’ opposite Pornstars Michelle Sinclair and BellaDonna and scream queen TIFFANY SHEPIS, FARAH plays the ringleader of a group of dangerous women who are out to make mince-meat of men who have invaded their home. Already there’s buzz that she and TIFFANY are going to be a deadly combo of naughtiness and sexiness. Now that i can’t wait to see! She’s also the exec-producer for a disturbing film called ‘HOLD’ which tackles the raw emotions of rape and its aftermath.

I love to watch her red-carpet interviews, she’s has an incredibly magnetic personality. Extremely photogenic, FARAH is always pretty as a picture especially in some of the music videos she’s starred in. The fact that’s she a hottie from the LONE STAR STATE of TEXAS adds even more to her allure! With such a riveting presence in the industry right now, her feats as an actress/writer/producer are a tour de force.

She’s not to be missed at IMDB: More Info on FARAH WHITE.

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