Hot Actress # 322 – Cassandra Hepburn: Sexy Siren

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When CASSANDRA HEPBURN made her entrance in the genre exploitation flick ‘HELL RIDE’, i believe she nailed it as a leading lady of immense irresistibility. And just like Michael Madsen quotes in the film, there’s 3 codes he lives by BIKES, BEER and BOOTY and how bootylicious is CASSANDRA HEPBURN! As the luscious-looking Maria, CASSANDRA was mostly in revealing tops and sans clothes but she made all her scenes one to remember! Watch her sizzler of a reel (above) and see how this Philippine-American honey effortlessly exudes her brand of unmistakable allure. Remember to stop by the CASSANDRA HEPBURN OFFICIAL SITE to get your taste of this most mesmerizing lady.

I’m fascinated that CASSANDRA pulls out all the stops to perfect the roles she plays be it the sexy love interest or stressed-up mother and she’s remarkable at doing accents. She also has an artistic side with writing poems being one of her passions, adding another wonderful facet to her craft. She’s also been a busy cover girl, steaming up PLAYBOY, MAXIM and FEMME FATALE magazines with some very sexy layouts! A globe-trotting actress, Cassandra has worked extensively in several of the top fashion destinations such as Paris, London and Milan. I hope someday she can find the time to visit my little island of Singapore and grace us with her special talent and glamor…..:)

Start getting to know her at IMDB: More Info on CASSANDRA HEPBURN.

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