Hot Actress # 334 – Louise Lombard : Euro Hottie

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Voted in People magazine in their list of 50 most beautiful people, British actress LOUISE LOMBARD is a glowing on-screen siren. Famed for playing the secretive Sofia Curtis on ‘CSI’, she has recently returned to television by guest-starring in popular shows ‘Miami Medical’, ‘NCIS’ and ‘STARGATE: UNIVERSE’. Her much-heralded homecoming on the small screen have whetted the appetite of her many fans. I saw her devotees commenting on how it sucks that she was off the radar.

Well known for delving to remarkable dramatic roles on both sides of the ponds, she has garnered attention in UK and the US throughout her glittering career. I love that she picks intelligent and strong roles that utilizes the range that she commendably possess. Keeping us on tenterhooks as she has done in much of her work, LOUISE has largely avoided the trappings of fame and remained grounded (don’t forget her very sexy accent!). LOUISE LOMBARD is surely one of the most striking personalities to have enrich TV as we know it!

Catch more of this English Rose at IMDB: More Info on Louise Lombard.

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