Hot Actress # 336 – Merete Van Kamp: Euro Hottie

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MERETE VAN KAMP is one of Denmark’s finest actresses who found fame on America shores. She came to prominence at the age of 24, when she was cast in ‘DALLAS’, one of the most popular drama series in history. Home of the most beautiful women in the world that’s how Urban Dictionary choose to illustrate Denmark and they’re 100% spot on! The very resplendent MERETE VAN KAMP was already a successful model before she embarked on a film career and as i’ve always said once a hottie, always a hottie…age is irrelevant! She brings a glowing sophistication to her latest role as a self-assured reporter in the stylized noir thriller ‘WESTBRICK MURDERS’ that has a similar brooding tone to ‘Sin City’.

She’s carved a nice niche for herself in appearing in intense indies ‘WESTBRICK MURDERS’ and ‘CRAIG’ (check out the unrated trailers above) as she had done previously in the movie ‘The Most Dangerous Woman Alive’, a precursor to the new wave of female-driven revenge flicks of today. Behind her telegenic beauty you can sense that MERETE has a gentle, kind soul emphasizing just how wonderful she is an actress and as a person.

This Danish Delight is also at IMDB: More Info on MERETE VAN KAMP.