Hot Actress # 343 – Melissa Jo Hunter: Sex Bomb

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I may have been late in jumping on the bandwagon of television siren MELISSA JO HUNTER but it’s always better late than never. With her moniker being MOJO, you know she’s gonna put you under her spell! MELISSA was an overnight sensation after charming viewers in dating show ‘JOE MILLIONAIRE’ (why didn’t this reality show come to ASIA??). Leveraging on her instant celebrity status, she’s gone on to become an actress, model and writer. Can’t wait to see her in the thriller ‘THE DECEIT’ (formerly called ‘THE PERFECT SERIAL KILLER) whereby she is in the company of at least 10 hot ladies; ROBIN BAIN, JAMIE CARSON, JILLIE REIL, BROOKE LEWIS and MELANIE ROBEL to name some whom I’ve featured on my blog with sizzling results!

If Jennifer Aniston was known for her hair, then MELISSA JO HUNTER should be lauded as well for having attractively layered blonde locks as can be seen whenever she’s on the red carpet. Evidently a stunner in any bikini, here’s a lady that has in-born sexiness so start visiting MOJO ON MYSPACE to see sassy MELISSA bowl you over with her photos including the oft-said, memorable bikini shots. In addition to her “mojo”, MELISSA is a certified 5 feet and 10 inches of pure sauciness….:)

Check out the strawberry blonde at IMDB: More Info on MELISSA JO HUNTER.

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