Hot Actress # 345 – Rena Riffel: Sex Bomb

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I would liken RENA RIFFEL as the Marilyn Monroe of Scream Queens. She once tempted us by baring all in ‘SHOWGIRLS’ together with hotties Elizabeth Berkeley and Gina Gershon and will do it once more in ‘SHOWGIRL’ the sequel which she will be writing, directing and starring (don’t miss the teaser above). You can check out more news about the upcoming movie as well as the latest updates on this blonde bombshell at the RENA RIFFEL BLOG. She’s yet another performer who reminds of old-style noir glamor but with the trendy sensuality mixed in..:) Oh and the fact she loves to cavort nude on film is a huge plus! Don’t get me wrong it can be very uncomfortable doing those scenes but RENA’s self-confidence is to be commended.

A-lister, B-movie queen, erotica temptress, cult actress; call her what you want, RENA has always re-invented herself and gone beyond the status quo. I also adore watching her in roles that unabashedly poke fun at the low-budget horror genre. It’s a definite blessing for fans to be able to enjoy the thrilling performances she has provided over the years embodying such diverse captivating looks on-screen. Sex kitten you say, yes and so much more…..RENA RIFFEL embodies everything that is creative (she’s also a director) ; a true SHOWGIRL in every meaning of the word!

Still can’t get enough of her, visit her IMDB page: More Info on RENA RIFFEL.

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