Hot Actress #347- Jessica Sonneborn: Blonde Bombshell

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The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club but in “LURE:TEEN FIGHT CLUB”, we have to talk about the film’s leading lady JESSICA SONNEBORN who also wrote and produced…wow she’s full of talents! This intensely gorgeous green-eyed blonde is playing a detective who goes undercover as a transfer student at a school where students mysteriously vanish. What she discovers is a most horrifying truth; girls are being forced to fight in death matches! Now i can’t wait to see the action sequences as hot ladies beat each other to a bloody pulp although i would cringe to see JESSICA getting hurt even if it’s only a movie. She’s pretty as a peach with skin that’s perfectly flawless and that’s why we should all visit the JESSICA SONNEBORN OFFICIAL SITE.

JESSICA is appearing in the highly anticipated “THE WITCHES OF OZ 3D” alongside fellow sirens PAULIE ROJAS, NOEL THURMAN and ELIZA SWENSON. Now all these four beauties are the nicest people you can ever meet and if you are their fan, then it’s a real blessing. I saw on the net that someone featured her as “Girl Of The Day”, well that’s hitting the nail on the spot and if i had a way, i would feature her as “HOTTIE OF EVERY DAY”….hehe. Sumptuous, accomplished and most of all pleasant to her fans even to those who live miles away, JESSICA SONNEBORN is a guilty pleasure and i put my whole-hearted support behind this young starlet…:)

Read more about her at IMDB: More Info on JESSICA SONNEBORN.

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