My Tribute to the Sexy Seregon O’ Dassey

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Seriously we all need to get addicted to Glamor Model, Scream Queen and one of the most sensual women on the planet SEREGON O’ DASSEY. All it takes is just one visit to her Profile to see this sexy goddess in her element. Her curvaceous 36D-24-36 bod takes center stage in her many photos and when it comes to her sauciness it’s enormous!! Beautiful on the inside as well as outside, i regard SEREGON as one of my favs in the film world as she’s complements her hotness with sheer kindness by sending me several glossy autographed pics (above) all the way from the US…:) She’s also one of the smartest actresses around with constructive opinions on life and social issues.

Delectable in every shoot, she’s also done some artistic nudes and was in the pages of PLAYBOY and was named MAXIM Hometown HOTTIE! An actress that stimulates the mind,soul and body that deserves our undivided attention. INTERESTING FACT: SEREGON is actually part of the Vampire Scene in New York City and drinks a small amount of blood at any one time. With all her beguiling sex symbol glam, I know that she’s also one of the nicest women in the world today and I’m glad to be her fan!

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