Hot Actress #348 – Marta McGonagle: Sexy Siren

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Brunette vixen Marta McGonagle has a signature infectious laugh which shows her fun-loving side and makes her adorably sexy. Obviously her stint on the pilot “Secret Girlfriend” (don’t miss her exceedingly hot intro above) as the spicy Carmen was significantly memorable….hehe. Telegenic, photogenic and arrestingly attractive, MARTA’s stunning Spanish/Irish roots surely classifies her in the list of most beautiful women in the world. Ok guys, It’s not always about bikinis (although it helps…hehe) but more how a lady projects herself and Marta has an innate gracefulness. The outstanding Marta McGonagle OFFICIAL SITE should now be your on-line destination.

INTERESTING FACT: Marta actually has a burger named after her: “THE CHI-CHI BURGER”… how much more delicious can she be….hehe. After all she was cast as a Dream Girl in upcoming comedy ‘FOOD STAMPS’ (above) with MACHETE MAN Danny Trejo. I also especially love that she takes a passionate interest in her fellow actors and now helms the Actors Reporter Website where she is a host on anything and everything actor-related. I wish someday i can be part of an actor resource that has everything one needs to know about the film industry and beyond. With such a striking charisma on-screen, MARTA’s sunny, bubbly disposition is what has connected with audiences and this girl can turn on the SEXY anytime she wants to!

Look her up at IMDB: More Info on Marta McGonagle.

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