Hot Actress #349 – Azalea Davila: Sexy Siren

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AZALEA DAVILA certainly has one of the perkiest and sexiest butt on film which she so finely displayed in the indie horror ‘BORN’. She played Jennifer, room-mate to a woman who’s carrying the devil’s child in this gory sometimes raunchy splatter-fest. AZALEA will surely be remembered for two scenes, firstly for sunbathing topless on the lawn and secondly, having a steamy lesbian lip-lock (watch it all above). In case you’re wondering, this girl has real talent as she impressively delivered her lines in the movie which were aplenty with such composure and i was blown away by the dialogue she undertook. She’s a real natural on camera and that very inviting body of hers is exceptional.

The Heineken Spec Commercial – It’s All About The Heine “Pool Side Manner” (above) confirms that AZALEA indeed has one of the finest booty in the world so go check her out in it. Because of her saucy performance in ‘BORN’, AZALEA is surely a hit with the men and I’m betting women as well. This girl has acting chops and rest assured, she can tantalize with the best of them on film.

Find out more about her at IMDB: More Info on AZALEA DAVILA.

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