Hot Actress #350 – Felissa Rose: Scream Queen Legend

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At the tender age of 13, FELISSA ROSE created one of the iconic horror figures on-screen as the serial-killing ANGELA in ‘SLEEPAWAY CAMP’. She made the shy, disturbed outsider central character her own garnering rave reviews and recently reprised the role once more in ‘RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP’. With numerous cult-classics to her name up till today, FELISSA has to be considered as one of the finest genre actresses of all time. Ever the consummate actress, she’s also ventured into comedy by starring as a money-hungry wife in ‘HOTDOG CASSEROLE’. FELISSA has several intriguing films of the horror persuasion (of course) in the pipeline so you best check her out at the FELISSA ROSE OFFICIAL SITE.

Her love and passion for horror shines through in her performances over the years and she’s equally adept at playing the villain or the victim. Alluringly stunning and fetchingly buxomy, FELISSA has that bewildering foxiness that sometimes you quite can’t figure out whether she’s good or bad in the movies she’s in. A mystery on-screen but an open-book in real life, I’ve heard she’s oh so friendly and a joy to work with. The resurgence of FELISSA ROSE has always been highly anticipated and it is so cool of her to gratify a new breed of horror enthusiasts (me included) as i was only 7 when she first made her presence felt in 1983.

This legendary terror hottie is also at IMDB: More Info on FELISSA ROSE.

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