Hot Actress #355 – Raine Brown:Scream Queen

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Sweet and sexy blonde RAINE BROWN harnessed her classically train background splendidly to essay some of the more complex roles in horror. Having appeared in more than 30 independent films and counting, we are entranced by the vulnerability she shows when playing the victim and the duplicitous side of her when she’s the villain. RAINE is definitely not afraid to mix it up on-screen, all bloodied and tortured in riveting slashers such as ‘GAME OVER’ and ‘BRAINCELL’. These were two of her more intense performances comprising strong female leads. She looks mighty delicious in her photos and you can check them out at the RAINE BROWN OFFICIAL SITE and also the RAINE BROWN MYSPACE SITE.

This INDIE HORROR PRINCESS has worked with some of the most beautiful women including DEBBIE ROCHON, EILEEN DALY and ELEANOR JAMES (all of which i’ve featured before). Many have remarked that she has an uncanny ability to attract moviegoers;they simply cannot take their eyes off her. Personally i think she’s a real honey…:) Headlining the emotional roller-coaster of a movie “SCULPTURE”, sees her tackling yet another multi-layered disturbing role and judging from the awesome trailer, RAINE delivers solidly. Actually i can’t wait for her to appear in a naughty nurse outfit in a future anthology thriller called ‘HYPOCHONDRIAC’. Watch out! The Reign of RAINE is fast approaching!

The blonde bombshell is at IMDB: More Info on RAINE BROWN.

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