Hot Actress #356-Michaela McManus:Blonde Bombshell

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Currently heating up screens in my home country of Singapore on the UNIVERSAL CHANNEL, MICHAELA McMANUS appeared in 9 episodes as A.D.A Kim Greylek in ‘LAW AND ORDER:SVU’. Why they wrote her out is beyond me, as MICHAELA was stirringly great with the screen time she was given. Devastatingly beautiful accentuated by her strong features, i admire MICHAELA when she gets into the emotional being of her characters. Even though she plays a tough-talking cocky prosecutor, it’s always nice to see her inject some semblance of humanity to the role. Watch MICHAELA in her element as lindsay strauss, the love interest of CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY (lucas scott) in a clip from ‘ONE TREE HILL’ (above), she positively moved me.

I realized as an actress you can never please everybody and criticism is going to be leveled your way but those guys at UNIVERSAL should have really given her a chance to flesh out her role. I mean not completing her stint on even one season of ‘LAW AND ORDER:SVU’ is hardly enough for MICHAELA to show what she can do! Well one door usually opens another, so we can expect to see more of MICHAELA very soon! Scoring the lead role in ‘NOMADS’ will find her as a backpacking CIA-wannabe with the pilot being in similar vein to hit series ‘ALIAS’. Let’s hope this time they let us have a longer gaze at the divine MICHAELA McMANUS…:)

The gorgeous one can be found at IMDB: More Info on Michaela Mcmanus.

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